Save the wolves



During a recent trip to B.C., my eyes were opened to an issue that breaks my heart, and I realized that I can do something about it. For a decade now, thousands of wolves have been slaughtered at the hands of B.C.'s government (gunning them from helicopters, poison, neck snares, and paying bounties for hunters to kill them). This is all for the appearance of action for the dwindling caribou population, though it is not the wolves that are responsible for this, it is the province's oil and gas development and other industrial activities. The government and it's resource industries have transformed the caribou's needed habitat into a landscape that can no longer provide the food and cover that they need to survive. How sad that after decades of conscious choice not to protect the caribou habitat and destroying their herds, these people are blaming and killing wolves so they can continue destroying habitats for human consumption. It has been over 10 years of the government killing wolves and other predatory animals and yet the caribou population has barely increased. Our world is filled with greedy people and beautiful animals are dying because of it. These days we are so busy being upset about human to human issues that we forget to fight for the species that we share the earth with...that haven't done anything to harm us yet are suffering immensely. Please take a couple minutes out of your day to do something for the wolves: sign the petition, make your own post or petition, write to the B.C. government. We will only see change if we speak up about this. If you care about the wolves, please...don't be silent on this. 


Contact B.C. Government

Write to B.C.'s government about how you want to see change in the wolf cull problem. Every effort counts.

Premier of B.C. contact info:

Email Address:

Mailing Address:
The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Box 9041
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E1

Phone Number: (250) 387-1715

Fax Number: (250) 387-0087



In writing, use the format found in the mailing address for the letterhead:

The Honourable Christy Clark, M.L.A.
Premier of British Columbia

If addition, the Office of Protocol states that the salutation in your email or letter should read "Dear Premier."